New Competition has just started and there’s still time to register until the end of October.

Men’s and Ladies Indoor Soccer and Indoor Netball Comps now open for nominations.

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How do I nominate a team?

Register online by completing our nomination form on the tab above or call The Parc @Howzat on 4926 4488 or visit us on the corner of Brooks and Tooke Streets, Cooks Hill 2300.

Team Membership:

Soccer: $ 100
Netball (7): $ 110
Netball (5): $ 90

Indoor Sports Information

Indoor Soccer: Non-stop action and a great workout at any level. Plus new court surfaces will ensure your skills shine through.

Men’s: Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu. 6 / side. $66 per team / week.
Ladies: Thu. 6 / side. $66 per team / week.
Mixed: Tue, Wed, Thurs. $66 per team / week.

Netball: Our most popular competition, fun for all levels.

Ladies: Mon, Tue. 7 / side. $77 per team / week.
Mixed: Thu. 5 / side. $55 per team / week.
Mixed: Wed, 7 / side. $77 per team / week.

Game payments:

One lump sum payment is to be made to the Sports Desk prior to each game each week. Each team is responsible for there own team’s payment as well as payment of the team membership fee.

Full Competition payments:

The Parc@Howzat offers and encourages teams to pay for all 16 weeks of the competition. If your team is super organised, it saves the hassle of brining change with your every week. Listed below are the discounts you would receive for paying in full:

N.B. All full competition payments do not include game payments for Semi’s or Finals.

The Parc Indoor Sports Competition Rules

1. Full match fees are due to be beginning of each game irrespective of team member numbers.
2. The first loss by forfeit is free however all forfeits after are to be paid for.
3. Players must participate in 5 regular season games in order to qualify for semi and grand finals.
4. Only teams that have paid membership fees will qualify for semi and grand finals.


Fill in the nomination form to register your team

Please fill out the form below to register your team or call The Parc @Howzat Reception on 4926 4488

Captain (Your) details:

Team Members:

Terms and Conditions:

- Team payment MUST be paid prior to taking the court each week.
- Team registration (player's insurance) must be paid on the three weeks of play.
- Players participate at their own risk!
- Protective equipment and appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.
- The Parc @Howzat reserves the right to alter the time of competition games as they see fit.
- The Parc @Howzat also reserves the right to eliminate any team or player from the competition if they show unsportsmanlike conduct towards any customers and/or The Parc @Howzat employee.

  • Ninja Climb

    1 Hour Session

    • Adults
      $ 20.00
    • Kids
      $ 17.00
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  • Ninja Parc

    1 Hour Session

    • Adults
      $ 20.00
    • Kids
      $ 17.00
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  • Ninja + Sports Parties

    For Kids and Adults (Min 10)

    • Sports Party Per Person
      $ 24.95
    • Ninja/Climb Party Per Person
      $ 29.95
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